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Franchise Brand

Cartridge on Wheels grew from the successful Discount Imaging® franchise, a trusted and respected brand with over 12 years of industry success.  We offer over 2,000 different products for every make and model of printer or fax machine. We service products from leading manufacturers like Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, and Okidata, as well as our own brand of remanufactured cartridges known for their quality and affordability.

For a Cartridge on Wheels franchisee, every business is a prospect and every customer can benefit from lower printing costs and increased office productivity. Our maintenance programs lengthen the life of our customers’ investments and the complete solution builds a recurring revenue stream for our franchisees.


Explosive Industry

Today, computer and imaging supplies account for over 50% of total office products purchased by most businesses. Creating and using paper documents comprises about 90% of typical office activities. Fueled by the Internet, digital photography, affordable color printers and desktop publishing, the imaging supplies market has exceeded $60 billion annually.

The industry has responded with new product lines and retail opportunities emerging all the time. Cartridge on Wheels has been at the forefront of this growth, supplying our customer’s needs, building trust, and delivering both products and service to their doors.


Training & Support

While our franchisees are in business for themselves, they’re not by themselves. We back them up with training and support for the lifetime of their business. We respect the commitment they’ve made, and in turn, are committed to their success.

Training begins at our headquarters—a one-week program covers all aspects of the business, from operations and customer service to inventory management and marketing. We continue with another week of hands-on training in the franchisee’s territory making sure each coverage area is poised for success. Usually after that, we conduct meetings each year that gather all franchise owners together for advanced industry training. Along with national account support and a dedicated field rep, franchise owners can rest assured that they will be fully prepared to build a profitable customer base and maximize sales.

Our support doesn’t stop there though. We have developed industry-specific presentations and marketing processes targeted for specific markets. (i.e., Hospitals, Banks, & Engineering).  As a result, our franchisees are ready to hit the ground running and be successful from day one.

Above all, franchisees join a network of like-minded entrepreneurs focused on building their
business and the expanding Cartridge on Wheels brand.


Cartridge on Wheels' philosophy is that franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. With a dedicated support team, franchisees are provided the resources vital to build their business—minimized risk and maximum reward yields financial independence.


Marketing is one of the biggest concerns for anyone starting a business, but our franchisees find that they’re ahead of the curve with the backing of the Cartridge on Wheels brand. Over the past several years we have succeeded in targeting an ever-expanding customer base—fostering brand loyalty and new and repeat business. Our franchisees benefit from our experience with what works…and what doesn’t. They gain access to these proven tactics, easing their transition from a start-up to an established business.

Our exclusive geographic territories are shaped by zip codes and based on an initial population of businesses. Even as the population of a particular territory grows, franchisees keep the original protected zones.

Franchisees take ownership of a customized Sprinter van that is wrapped in eye-catching Cartridge on Wheels signage. This mobile advertisement also doubles as a cost effective warehouse. With no need to invest in expensive billboards or lease costly office space, franchisees carry everything they need to service customers, manage inventory and advertise their business everywhere they go.


Our Satisfied Clients

Cartridge on Wheels customers come from ALL professions & industries. They include, but are certainly not limited to:

The nationwide Cartridge on Wheels professionals offer & deliver supplies and service to customers on a customized basis. Our “we come to you” mobile concept puts franchise owners in a position to build a successful business with low overhead and high flexibility. We are the “special forces” of the imaging supplies industry, conquering the barriers of effective customer service while protecting the profitability of our franchise owners.

We will train with you in your protected territory so you can focus on building a customer base and repeat sales.

Our Franchisees

The people who have made the decision to become a Cartridge on Wheels Franchise are educated, successful people like you.  Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds including corporate executives, business owners, middle management, and blue collar workers. Their reasons for joining us are as diverse as their backgrounds; some wanted a challenge, some wanted change. Others simply wanted independence and the chance to make a better income. All have one thing in common-- the will and motivation to create a better future.

Keep in mind you don’t need a special degree, prior experience, special training, or advanced mechanical skills to start your own Cartridge on Wheels franchise.  Our franchisees are people just like you, with the understanding that being in business for themselves is where they want to be.

Cartridge on Wheels' philosophy is that franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. With a dedicated support team, franchisees are provided the resources vital to build their business—minimized risk and maximum reward which yields financial independence. Click here to see a map of our franchise locations.


Customer Value Proposition

Cartridge on Wheels is an easy, convenient, and less expensive way for customers to purchase imaging supplies simply because we come to our customers! Rather than take time out of their busy day to shop, our customers are able to concentrate on their business. We eliminate the hassle of competing vendors and multiple purchase orders by providing a single source for delivery of supplies for every brand of printer and fax machine on the market. In addition, we provide onsite service and maintenance, which keeps machines up and business moving. Our experts in consultation help customers get the most out of their equipment, and we can even swap out a troubled printer or fax, thus offering customers a responsive and economical end-to-end solution.

You Can Make a Difference

As a Cartridge on Wheels owner/operator you will bring cost-saving efficiency to your clients and reduce the impact of waste on the environment. Simple strategies are in place to ensure efficiency and a reduced impact on the earth. This includes:

  • Avoiding Overstock/Overproduction: only the products your clients need are stocked at their location.
  • Less Fuel Consumption: Employees of your clients stay focused on their jobs, not running around town gather office supplies. You also help to conserve fuel by ensuring that those same employees are not making multiple trips around town if they purchase the wrong supplies.
  • Recycling is assured because you are handling the replacements and disposal of empty cartridges.

Mission Statement

Making a difference for people, Making a difference for businesses, Making a difference for planet Earth!

Contact Form

If you feel that Cartridge On Wheels fits the lifestyle you want and the goals you have, please fill out this contact form to learn more about Franchise Opportunities.