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Go Green. Save BIG!


Did You Know?

  • Over 38,000 tons of plastic and metal are saved from landfills each year as a result of cartridges each year! This equals the height of a 120-story building!
  • Our DI brand  cartridges save you 20%-30% more money on a cost-per-page basis than if you were using OEM cartridges.
  • Over 70% of all printer and fax machine cartridges are thrown away! These empty cartridges are a needless and ever growing threat to our environment.
  • The Cartridge on Wheels remanufacturing process uses 1/10th as much
    energy as newly manufactured toner cartridge. These savings result in a
    lowering your cost.
  • More than 3 quarts of oil are required to produce each new cartridge.
    In just 7 short months, cartridge remanufacturing will save 11 million gallons of oil!
  • Our Compatible toner cartridges are guaranteed to perform as well as or better than, the new ones. 

wetleafRecycling means to alter used materials so as to make suitable for reuse. Modern science, skills, and technology have enabled us to recycle items that normally would have been discarded. Recycling is not only environmentally friendly, but also it can be very cost efficient. Reusing wasted materials to manufacture either the original product or a new product saves valuable resources -----both natural and man-made. With the rise of environmental conservation groups, along with a general awareness and a heightened interest of the need to preserve our natural resources, businesses are becoming more and more “earth friendly.” With our recycling practices, Cartridge on Wheels can help you take the first steps in making your business Go Green. This is not only appealing to the consumer financially, but it also makes the customer feel as if he/she is personally doing their part. We believe it makes perfect sense that businesses capitalize on eco-friendly policies and make these practices a part of their ongoing day-to-day operations. Our planet is too valuable to you & us! While paper is perhaps the most commonly recycled office item, we believe trees should be moved and replanted, since for all intensive purposes, they are renewable. Did you know that your printer ink is made of oil? Oil is a fossil fuel, and fossil fuels are considered a non-renewable source of energy, as they are formed underground over a long period of time. This makes it very crucial to preserve fossil fuel supplies, including the oil that is used in making your printer ink. Believe it or not, one simple way of conserving oil is to recycle used toner cartridges. It’s a fact that every single time documents are printed, toner is being used. For every single toner cartridge manufactured, two pints of oil are consumed. Just by our earth friendly acts of recycling the outer shells of our empty toner cartridges, we can save thousands of barrels of oil each year, and help reduce the amount of trash in public landfills.

ladybugCartridge on Wheels makes it easy to Go Green by personally picking your empty toner cartridges and shipping them off to be re-manufactured. With the Cartridge on Wheels process, the hard outer plastic shell on the cartridge is reused, while the worn internal components are replaced to insure product quality. This process uses 1/10th as much energy as newly manufactured toners use, and also minimizes how much oil is needed in the production process. Not only will you help save the earth’s natural resources, you will also be saving your money, since our re-manufactured toner products are extremely cost-efficient. Much of our merchandise costs up to 30% less the cost of the name brand products (also known as OEM products). When you purchase from toner and ink from us at Cartridge on Wheels, we guarantee product performance equal to any OEM product. So Go Green today – and help us help you to save the earth, as well as the dollars in your pocketbook!


Our Mission Statement
Making a difference for people, Making a difference for businesses, Making a difference for the planet!